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Originally Posted by Ray jones

Originally Posted by Volar the Healer View Post
Why shouldn't Creationism be taught in public school? Or, at least, Intelligent Design?
Well, I just said it should above. Students should be informed that in the old days people believed various things were created by gods, spirits, etc. They should be given examples of various creation myths from around the world. Same as they should be taught that in the old days people thought the Earth was flat. But to teach Creation in science class, just because people still believe in it? Makes no sense whatsoever. School is for learning, not catering to the sentiments of various groups within its student body.

I think it's because the evolutionists know Intelligent Design is more logical and has more scientific support than evolution does.
Define 'evolutionist'. Do you mean scientists who accept evolution is real, do you mean people in general who do, or do you mean something else altogether?

But, the only way they can continue teaching it is to not allow the Intelligent Designers to not allow the scientists who used to be evolutionists to say why they've changed their minds. Yes, everyone should question why evolution requires censorship! Ahhhh, it appears we've learned nothing from Copernicus.
Surely it's not censored more than the idea that the Earth is flat, that things fall because God want them to, or that the Sun orbits the Earth? I was informed fairly early on in school of all these ideas. They just weren't taught as valid ideas supported by science. Ironically, since we Norsemen have this pesky state religion of ours, we were, in elementary school, made to go through the Bible as though it were fact and its actions justified, and forced to pray before eating our lunches, attending church, etc., unless you had a parental note excusing you. The Norwegian state just got in trouble with the UN some time ago for violating the students' rights and had to make religion classes more objective, though, so at least we're moving forward .

Evolutionists have to censor other points of view. They know there have been so many discoveries in the last fifteen years that have scientifically disproved evolution that if they become known evolution will die. But, the scientists do know this information, which is why evolution is dead as far as scientists are concerned. It continues today only as a religious belief.
All dead wrong. If any scientific discoveries were made which disproved such a hallmark theory as the ToE, it would've been heralded as a revolution of science and the person discovering it would have received, at least, a Nobel's peace prize.

Your problem is you look at science the way you look at organized religion, with its dogmas, priesthood and tradition. Science is nothing like this - it lives to continuously change and improve its theories, hypotheses and laws and thrives when they are challenged, not when they are respected and upheld as truth just because they're "handed down from above" or written about in poetic verses in old books. Just that Galileo and Copernicus were persecuted for challenging dogma doesn't mean I would be attacked if I provided real evidence Evolution was one big illusion.

Something is seriously wrong when I can question my government, but I cannot question your religion - evolution.
Oh, but you can. You just did, as a matter of fact, and I don't think the CIA is going to trace your post and arrest you over it, either.

This is something that a lot of religious people miss or ignore, which irritates me.
However, evolution does not say "There is no God", it just says "God did not create the Earth and all of its biological life in exactly six days".
Indeed. It's sad that people think they have to disregard a scientific theory because of their religion. Picture a girl saying that "as a Christian, I believe the Earth is flat with four corners, and the heliocentric theory offends my sentiments and should be taught as that, a theory, with the Biblical worldview as an equal or superior alternative".

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