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Originally Posted by Dagobahn Eagle View Post
Slippery slope. It's like saying that blacks and women shouldn't be allowed to vote, because then that opens for kids and animals given the right to vote, too.

Does the US have a 1st Amendment and 14th Amendment situation on its hands for redefining marriage to
  • Allow divorce.
  • Disallow spousal rape.
  • Allow inter-racial marriage?
  • Allow inter-religious (is that a word?) marriage?
  • Allow marriage between social classes?
  • Disallow arranged marriage and instead make marriage something you agree upon for love, not for the family economy (a major shift, if you were not aware)?
The words 'redefining marriage' makes it sound as if marriage is some sort of constant. It isn't. It's been tweaked and redefined so many times throughout history that you can't possibly point to any given state and say that 'this is traditional marriage'.

As long as you are a consenting adult (see, no children allowed in), feel free to marry another consenting adult. You can try to equivocate gay marriage with polygamy and child marriages all you want, but it won't fly, as we know they're different things altogether.
That doesn't fly because technically the United States does not allow for set permanent social classes, inter-racial marriages are still between 1 man and 1 woman. The divorce issue has never been one really, I don't even know where you came up with the inter-religious issue aside from ticking people's parents off and they often still got married (my grandparents would be a good example).

Seriously, your argument makes no sense, marriage is between a man and a woman, it's been that way since this country first became a country, while you had racism issues way back when, that argument doesn't fly because the fundamental definition of didn't change.

A man is a man whether he is black, brown, red, white, or pokadot, the same goes for a woman.
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