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Ray Jones, aye I do approve.

Volar, I think people are pushing so hard because they believe it is wrong. Just like the African American population of the U.S. pushed hard to have equal rights. I don't think we are trying to redefine marriage, but you do realize marriage as a whole seems to be different to every person, culture, nation and belief. So, from my perspective, you can't redefine a term that is different depending on where you are.

As a religious term, no I don't want to redefine their marriage. I think they should continue to do what they believe. But as a legal term, I think that needs to be redefined for the U.S.

I personally have no intentions of getting married at this moment. To me, simply being in a nice long relationship with a woman is enough. I can do this and still have the right to marry at anytime. A lot of the homosexual population in the U.S. is doing this and cannot get married. Do you honestly believe this is right?

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