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That doesn't fly because technically the United States does not allow for set permanent social classes
Isn't that supremely irrelevant?

inter-racial marriages are still between 1 man and 1 woman.
Irrelevant. It was a big thing that had a lot of people up in arms, there were doomsday prophecies that it would ruin the institution of marriage and destabilize society, etc. etc. etc. Just that we take it for granted today doesn't mean it has always been such.

The divorce issue has never been one really
Not that you know. However, Ibsen's The Doll House just faced huge controversy in China due to it ending with the female protagonist... getting a divorce.

Allowing divorce from abusive relationships, recognizing spousal rape as rape, etc. have all been huge issues even if we take them for granted today.

Seriously, your argument makes no sense, marriage is between a man and a woman, it's been that way since this country first became a country
"Marriage is defined as a union of a man and a woman of the same colour, it's been that way since this country first became a country."

See how it works?

I fail to see how the whole 'redefinition' thing has anything to say anyhow. You can't just define a word and certain way and say "see, if you define it this way then in my eyes it hasn't been changed and never should be". What if I defined voting rights as something given to all men? Universal suffrage would then redefine the vital institution of democracy, would it not? And yet, I have a feeling you're still for allowing women the right to vote.

The ancient Greek accepted same-sex intercourse and even sex with children, but frowned upon having a relationship outside of your social class. This "traditional marriage" of yours is an illusion and nothing more.

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