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Smiles as she sticks her tongue out a little to lick and wet her lips...

Sayomi says "You'll tell me what I want to know and as a consolation I'll break every bone in your body instead of killing you." as she gleams with her eyes longing for the tastes of their blood.

Sayomi instantly appears behind Akagi and said "What was it you said.... ah yes.... that you'd behead me..." She grins evilly as she uses one hand to rapidly sign as she says "Shadow Walker Jutsu" her arm becomes transparent as she shoves it into Akagi's shoulder blades reaching for his heart and partially solidifying her hand so that she may grab it. She touches his heart and begins to squeeze and says in a mocking tone "You broke my heart when you said you'd behead me." She then says in an evil unforgiving tone "NOW I'LL BREAK YOURS!"

She begins squeezing tighter and tighter watching him drop to the floor in agony as she looks maniacally down at him; her sharigan shown very visibly through her wide eyes.

I'm his broken doll, He's my maestro. I'm her nee-chan.. I'm they're heavenly sin..

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