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The attack caught Akagi completely off-guard. Needless to say, he was horrified at the effeciency of her attack, and how he didn't know how to counter it.

As he looked up into her eyes, there was something...something not right about them. They glowed with some unnatural evil power indeed. Akagi had only seen such a thing in the Demon-like Samurai, the ones that seemed of pure evil.

But where most people surrendered to this evil force, Akagi did not. The fear he had as he looked into the woman's eyes vanished. And the pain somehow disappeared, there was only the determination to complete the killing.

He kicked her in the stomach, wrenching his insides into an even more uncomfortable position. He stared at her arm in his shoulder and he knew what he had to do.

He lifted the blade with a waning strength and slashed at her arm, tearing deep into her flesh.

He then used the other hand to take out his larger katana and he swung at her belly, in an attempt to somehow strike the vitals, and kill her, even at the price of his own death.

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