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As the two attacks met her head on the both connected as she stood there showing no pain. She suddenly wrenched at Akagi's heart exploding one of his aorta sending him into shock as he bled internally.

As Takeda touched her she looked at him as she began to cover in snow her body began heating up melting the attack with ease. As she looked at Takeda she locked eyes with him sending his human half into a comatose like state using her Sharingan's powers to render his brain unable to function with his mechanical half. Sayomi took her fist and with one swift blow that barely connected with his chest sent Takeda flying; bursting through shop after shop, home after home, Takeda's paralyzed body fly helplessly through the air. Sayomi put her fingers up to her eye level and said "Activate" as an explosion in the direction Takeda was flying proceeded to happen.

Sayomi took her blood soaked hand and bloody batter arm out of Akagi resting it at her side she knelt down and grabbed him by the throat. She said in an ominous tone "Naruto will pay for what he has done. See he gets that message..." she got back up and walked off down the road as she burst into flames and disappeared into thin air.

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