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Akagi crumpled to his knees as he stared at his katana placed in his chest.

Obviously, his journey into the unknown countries was not going perfectly.

He felt blood trickle down from his mouth as it froze open in surprise.

He grasped the muddy dirt beneath him as he tried to swallow, but found it difficult in his predicament.

He placed a hand on the sword and ripped back out with a sickening schlikk.

He breathed slowly and looked at the blade, and then met the woman's gaze once again.

He saw evil there, yes, but he also saw something else in her eyes, some deep strange sadness. That caught him off guard completely. He quickly shook the feeling off.

He stood shakily and tried his best to head back. He looked back at the direction that the woman took,"You are weak."

That was all he had to say as he walked slowly back to the village. Even a proud Samurai like Akagi knew when it was time to regroup and heal, he hoped he survived long enough from his wounds to do so.

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