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Originally Posted by Volar the Healer View Post
If you truly believe so-called "gay marriage" does not affect me or the rest of society, then why are you pushing so hard for it to be recognized? Why not just invent some other term for it, and leave the term "marriage" alone?
I want what's best for society. I actually think that same-sex marriages would be better for society. More stable homes to provide families for adopted children; more dual-income families that have spending power to make major purchases which stimulates the economy; fewer uninsured people in the health-care system; etc, etc.

As to "inventing a new term," I see no logical or rational reason to do so. Same-sex marriage has zero deleterious effect on even those that oppose it (if you don't count threatening egos as deleterious). I'm not going to rename H2O that's cold simply because you like yours at room temperature. You can get over it and accept that I have a glass of water too.

What gives you the right to redefine the term marriage to include something it has never included before? THAT looks like an attack upon the traditional institution of marriage - which, of course, it is.

Homosexuality is judged to be unacceptable by the overwhelming percentage of the American population,
Perhaps 20 years ago. In just under a generation, the tolerance for homosexuals and same-sex marriage has increased significantly. So much so that you can hardly call the majority who are still bigoted against these concepts as "overwhelming." Indeed, it might be a struggle to even say the majority is significant its waning so fast. I'm prepared to quantify this claim should you truly want me to.

[Homosexuality is judged to be unacceptable by] the American Medical Association, The American Psychiactric Association,
This is an uninformed statement. Neither bodies are opposed to homosexuality, indeed they've both made statements that are inclusive and tolerant of homosexuality.

[Homosexuality is judged to be unacceptable by] every honest religion.
And most of the dishonest ones, I might add. But superstitious arguments are irrational and irrelevant. Marriage is a secular construct of society -it existed long before Christianity and it exists in some form in every single culture of humanity, regardless of the inclusion or exclusion of religious superstition.

So we can discard your three claims above regarding the "unacceptability" of homosexuality.

We don't care what you do in you home (Please stop saying we do.) We DO care what you're doing in our public schools with our children.
Don't worry. No one is trying to marry your children in your public schools. I think you must have the wrong thread.

Stop demanding legitimacy for the illigitimate.
Legitimacy is a social construct and society defines what is or isn't legitimate in this matter. Whether you choose to believe it or not, bigotry against homosexuality and same-sex marriage is waning. Fast. At the rate its going, in another generation homosexual couples who are involved in loving, caring relationships will be afforded the same rights my wife and I enjoy. This is kind of change and progress that makes me proud to be an American.

Homosexuality is wrong.
Why? What rational and reasoned argument states it is wrong? Please leave out superstitious arguments.

What you, as an adult do, is your own business. But, children should not be exposed to such things.
Right. We wouldn't want the kiddies to think or grow past their parents' bigotry would we? Lets not expose children to critical thought, rational living, and love for their neighbors.

Now keep your vile affections off my marriage!
I want nothing to do with your marriage. I have my own. Same-sex couples want nothing to do with your marriage. They simply want their own. Nor are my hands vile. As far as you know.

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