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Originally Posted by SkinWalker View Post
In addition, the analogy about a "tornado ripping through a junk yard" only to produce a 747 is an analogy from ignorance. Science doesn't suggest such a process exists in nature nor does it imply that evolution is such a process. There is no accidental process to evolution. The argument isn't relative to evolution since evolution doesn't work by assembling a species from individual parts. Evolution occurs via selective gradual modifications to existing structures to create order.
Actually it had to do with the reactivity of other chemicals in Earth's atmosphere and oceans that were more reactive to the chemicals that make up RNA and DNA, basically the odds due to that situation of the chemical environment makes it highly improbable.

I'm not arguing about evolution when life is in existence on Earth just based on Earth's age, and how early life began on Earth, the 747 analogy is a good one.
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