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Hoyle's analogy was interesting, but the science behind abiogenesis, emergence and protein development has made some interesting predictions which have held and good hypotheses exist which explain abiogenic evolution in a younger earth. Of course, such hypotheses aren't conducive to fully testing since we neither have time machines nor lifespans capable of observing the duplicated conditions long enough to evaluate. Which is why looking elsewhere in the solar system and galaxy is important.

However, this isn't really that relevant to the discussion since the creationists in Texas are opposed to teaching any kind of evolution or geologic understanding of the planet in public schools and want anything that suggests that life on the planet is a result of millions of years of gradual change in response to the environment; and that the planet is anything more than 10,000 years old to be struck from the textbooks or at least prefaced with a disclaimer that is false, unscientific and superstitious.

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