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Sayomi lay in a small room that she had created in a mountain side near Kohona. As she lay on the make shift bed, she clutches her arm battered and bloody arm, the one sword that had been used on it. She began to heal it remembering who had taught her the medical jutsu's as she began to cry crimson red tears, they fall to the floor dampening in clear red liquid. She sat there remembering things that made her cry, things that she remembered in the sound village from when she was a child, when she went to the akatsuki and how they had taken her in, the fun she had had messing with Tobi and how she liked to tell Deidara that he looked like a girl. Remembering those times and what she had lost saddened her as she began to cry harder into her hands. She remembered finding out about the Akatsuki, how she had felt knowing that she had lost the closest thing to a family she had ever had.

Sayomi's sadness slowly began to turn to anger as she thought of the people responsible.

Sayomi said out loud "They will pay! He will pay!"

Sayomi lay there crying as she fell to sleep.

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