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Treaty of Tripoli:

Oh, and you do realize that your entire argument is one big Appeal To Tradition, I hope?
So you should consider coming up with something better. It used to be tradition that voting for only for men, should that have been upheld, too?

I'm against something like that, and if you open up the definition of marriage...
Why are you still going on about that? I've proven to you that marriage has been ever-changing since its beginning and varies greatly from culture to culture. You still go on about how it should be set in stone.

Quote: open it to legal challenges where something like that would be legal.
What, exactly, do you have in mind? Marrying a terrified 12 year old or having multiple wives (or husbands, for that matter) is certainly nothing like marrying another consenting adult.

Again they were operating off of racism, as I pointed out one's skin pigmentation means nothing.
Please demonstrate to me how sexual orientation means anything. You so far have produced appeals to tradition and a dubious slippery slope in which you predict that the conservative and traditional American people will somehow accept child marriages and bigamy just because gays can marry, something I see as, to say the least, incredibly unlikely.

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