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Originally Posted by GarfieldJL View Post
I'm against something like that, and if you open up the definition of marriage, you open it to legal challenges where something like that would be legal.
Not really, because marrying someone of the same sex is not analogous to an adult marrying a minor.

Originally Posted by GarfieldJL
Again they were operating off of racism, as I pointed out one's skin pigmentation means nothing.
Just like one's sexual orientation means nothing.

Originally Posted by GarfieldJL
Meaning your entire argument is fallacious and therefore, wrong.

Originally Posted by GarfieldJL
It's the consequence that it opens the door for 1st and 14th amendment challenges to the ban on bigamy and marrying children, because you're discriminating against a religion.
I don't quite follow this line of reasoning. What religion is being discriminated against, and how?
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