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Originally Posted by Astor Kaine View Post
I don't know about the bigamy thing, but even with the holy Constitution and 'freedom of expression', you have to expect common sense to kick in with things such as marrying children.
I'm just pointing out the legal situation, that would arise, it wouldn't be as big of an issue if they came up with another term to call it.

Originally Posted by Rogue Nine
Not really, because marrying someone of the same sex is not analogous to an adult marrying a minor.
Some religions dictate as to when the consider a minor to be of age of consent, and if you start playing around with the definition of marriage to satisfy one group (where you can argue back and forth as to religion being in play there), you open the door for legal arguements for everything else.

Originally Posted by Rogue Nine
Just like one's sexual orientation means nothing.
Marriage is partially so you can have children, 2 men cannot have a child with each other, nor can 2 women have a child with each other, it takes both a man and a woman.

Originally Posted by Quote=Rogue Nine
Meaning your entire argument is fallacious and therefore, wrong.
In your opinion, I don't see the need to completely up-end our cultural heritage when there is a way to fix the issue without doing so. People here say it doesn't affect people whom are straight, well redefining the definition of marriage affects traditional marriages, as well as what is taught in school.

Originally Posted by Rogue Nine
I don't quite follow this line of reasoning. What religion is being discriminated against, and how?
That's easy, see the radical offshoots of the Mormon Faith, Islamic Faith where men apparently can have multiple wives.

I've taken a Constitutional Law Class, so I have some knowledge of what can open the door to what, in fact a ruling to open up Gay Marriage can set a precident for other cases.
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