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Originally Posted by PastramiX View Post
Since when did marriage become coupled with mandatory procreation? Additionally, who cares if they can't have children, there's still adoption, which will never go dead.
And I don't have problems with two people of the same gender adopting a kid, just don't call it marriage. Call it something else and I have no objection.

Originally Posted by PastramiX
Since when does marriage imply two members of the opposite sex? More importantly, if you're straight, then you're obviously not attracted to the same sex; therefore, there is absolutely no effect being placed upon yourself.
Actually it does, because guess where that kind of behavior gets instilled into children... (I'm blaming the school systems, not same-sex couples)

Originally Posted by PastramiX
So, the FLDS, for example, is being unfairly treated, because it promotes wife-swapping and pedophilia?
Technically, if you play around with the definition to cater to one group, you open the door for groups like FLDS.
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