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Originally Posted by Chevron 7 locke View Post
Karela couldn't help but feel sorry for the girl

"Yeah...he does have a bit of an issue with you"

You have no idea...Come on...Just let me take control and I can end this...

Shut up!

I'll be quiet. For now...

"From what I remember, Naruto didn't lead the attack on the Akatsuki, The Akatsuki attacked the village in their quest for the tailed beasts. Naruto told me that Pain's bodies were killed in the attack."
Sayomi's eyes started to glow at the incessant bijuu as she said "Don't tempt me bijuu, you have no idea what you'd be getting yourself into..."

Sayomi turned her attention to Karela as she said "My sources indicated a much different scenario... but, I can read you like an open book, you display your emotion and thought all over your face and in your words, you are not lying."

Sayomi began to get up slowly as she said in a sincere manner "I must speak with him... this new evidence changes things... and do not worry... I'm not planning on attacking him or you, I would've done so already if I had so desired to."

She kneels down as she says "If what you say is true then I must apologize for what I've done, my actions at times can be untamed when anger is put into the mix, Pain used to caution me on that though I never listened." as she smirked remembering Pain.

Sayomi got up and said "Please, would you take me to Naruto, I wish to speak with him."

I'm his broken doll, He's my maestro. I'm her nee-chan.. I'm they're heavenly sin..

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