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Originally Posted by Chevron 7 locke View Post
Karela shook her head sadly

"There's no way I'm taking you back to the village, we're still cleaning up after that last little incident with you."

Let me Kill her please? You owe me for telling you bedtime stories when you were a little girl...

Did you honestly expect that to work?

Listen! She and her Kind kept me captive! They tried to contain all of us! They experimented on the other tailed beasts!

That was in the past, she is no longer part of the Akatsuki! Now be quiet!

I hate you so very much right now

Well the feeling isn't mutual

"I just want to hear what happend from your perspective."
Sayomi nods and says "I understand. I happen to cause quite a bit of damage when I'm angry."

Sayomi continues "From what I've heard, from my sources, is that Naruto at the time came with a team of ninja and through brute force was able to single out and pick everyone of my family off." A tear runs down the side of her face.

Sayomi continued "Other then that I haven't heard much, they were vague, and quite frankly I could've cared less, all I had wanted to know was who did it and where I could find them."

Sayomi's eyes dilate instantly as a sharp pain comes from her chest, she pulls down her cloak to reveal a seal in the middle of her chest that looked like it was missing a piece. Sayomi says in a demonic voice "Shichibi! You are nothing! A rat that was supposed to be put down long ago! You weren't worthy of being in the presence of the Akatsuki! Fool... speak again and I will obliviate your from the face of this plane!" Sayomi's eyes return to normal as she falls to the ground unconscious.

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