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Originally Posted by Chevron 7 locke View Post
Oh what do I do?!

Let her die!

I told you to shut up about that! I won't let her die! She is not evil! She's just confused...

I'll say she's confused...she thinks I'm the nine-tailed fox apparently...

Be quiet and let me work!

Karela gently picked up the girl and put her back on what apparently passed as a bed.

"I know that's not what happend. Naruto would never have done something like that."

Karela took a washcloth out of her pocket and wetted it down with a small flask of whater she had on her belt.

"Come on...wake up..."

Karela put the washcloth directly on the girls head.

"Wake need to know the truth about what happend."
Hehe, oops, sorry.... I mistook Shichibi for Kyuubi, my bad. :P

Sayomi begins to wake up, as she does her arm flies up to grab Karela's neck under the impression he was trying to harm her while she slept though she stopped herself mid way realizing that wasn't the case. Her arm stood still in mid air as she slowly lay it back down.

Sayomi says slowly "Wha- wha- what happened? Why am I in bed?"

Sayomi lays there half awake very groggy as spots of blood begin to soak the sheets that lay on her bare skin. Sayomi moans in pain.

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