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Originally Posted by Astor Kaine View Post
And you honestly believe that any court in the civilised world would allow people to marry children?

That's nothing but an alarmist sentiment, thrown up as hasty opposition.
The Court does not make legislation, they interpret legislation, and all you need is the Appeals court in California. Seriously, once you start altering marriage to cater to one group, you have to cater to the others as well.

Originally Posted by Astor Kaine
Thanks for pointing that out - Here I was operating under the assumption that the Stork brought us babies.

Marriage is an expression of commitment and love between two people - it doesn't have to involve children, although a child is often a result of such commitment.
The point remains that there is an argument for marriage as it currently is to care for children that result of that union.

Originally Posted by Astor Kaine
As has been pointed out, the 'tradition' of marriage has been so diluted over the past few thousand years it's not even a 'tradition' any more.
In your opinion.
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