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Originally Posted by GarfieldJL View Post
There are at least 2 governments in the world that still allow slavery that I can think of.
Irrelevant to discussion.

Originally Posted by Garfield
The Court does not make legislation, they interpret legislation, and all you need is the Appeals court in California.
You mean the same state that banned it with Prop 8?

Pedophiles and polygamists have been trying to get rights a lot longer than gays have. Both, however, are illegal and thus why would they allowed to be married at all?

If you think homosexuals are sane, fit, and "normal" enough to raise children and so on then why can't we have your marriage? We aren't molesting kids, or trying to marry a dozen people. Two consenting adult American citizens want to marry, and right now the separate but equal policy goes against the constitution.

Separate but equal. You took a constitution class. Look it up.

The courts repealed it BECAUSE it was unconstitutional to create a separate but equal policy for a group of people. It is government made discrimination against legally abiding citizens.

Don't insult me by claiming it is anything else but that. Or shall we start creating separate but equal fountains for gays and autistics? I mean, because, well, its all water... right?

Originally Posted by Garfield
In catering to one group of people, you end up opening the door to court cases involving other groups of people, such as polygamists.
So, giving the "gays" their own "marriage", separate but equal, would NOT open up possibilities for separate but equal marriages between children?

Your argument is fallacious because as of right now, polygamy and pedophilia are ILLEGAL. Homosexuality is not. Homosexual relationships are not. Homosexual love is not. Pedophilia and polygamy are.

Stop connecting dots that aren't there to be connected. The reason pedophilia and polygamy are illegal is because the relationship is harmful to the party's involved, are legal nightmares, etc etc. We have reasons to keep both banned.

Are we discriminating against pedophiles and polygamists? Yes, we are. But we do so because of the harm that happens during those relationships, many of which are not consensual.

A child cannot legally consent. Another adult can.

That is why homosexuality is not illegal in the united states, and polygamy and pedophilia are.

Until It is illegal, then you are choosing to discriminate based on something that is legal. Technically, I am "allowed" to be a homosexual. So, why can I not be allowed into a legally binding contract that you have the privilege of?

Originally Posted by Garfield
It's actually possible, that court has a tendency for some rather insane rulings.
No, it is not. It has already been ruled that pedophilia and polygamy are illegal in the united states. Homosexuality is not.

Pedophilia and polygamy (particularly pedophilia) is harmful to the person involved, and the person involved cannot legally consent.

Again, a grown adult can. Stop treating us like children.

Originally Posted by Garfield
Quit trying to imply that I'm a homophobe, it's annoying.

Originally Posted by Garfield
And I have no problem with same-sex couples adopting kids, just don't call it marriage.
You've yet to back up your stance on why it -shouldn't- be call marriage. We've told you it is discrimination, and you've replied with the same question over and over again.

Originally Posted by Garfield
Usually it has been between men and women, look if this is so not going to affect straight people, why does it have to be called marriage?
You don't get it!

What if I walked up to you and told you that autistic people are not allowed to marry because of their "condition". That you must sign a civil union, and you are not allowed to marry because married is between a mentally fit man and woman.

Why does it have to be called marriage? Because it is DISCRIMINATION against legally consenting adult citizens of the united states. 2, not many. Legal age, not children.

Separate but equal mentality.

Why don't we just put some fountains and bathrooms in the corners for gays and autistics to drink from instead of the "normal" people. Its all water, right?

Why not create a separate bathroom for gays and autistics. It is still a bathroom, right?

How about different schools entirely? It is still a school, right?

That it goes without saying that all of the above would be enforced just as strictly as the gay marriage bans.

Still sound "fair and balanced" to you?

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