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Originally Posted by PastramiX View Post
No, it's pretty much 99.99% bona-fide. A trailer of that quality is most certainly not a hoax.

Either way, I'm happy with it. it's good that they didn't just target it to the 360/PS3 crowd only, as they've had their fill of "hardcore" games, now there's finally something as a primarily Wii exclusive. Hope it turns out better than TFU.

More proof:

Our fill of "hardcore games?" What does that mean? I got my 360 90% of the new Indy game coming out....and now you're telling me I don't deserve it because the 360 has legitimate games for it? That makes a lot of sense...

Like I said, LA has screwed me once again...I'm glad they're done with internal productions...they really do suck.

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