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Oy, is this like a game in a way? Heh, if that is the case, then I shall add my own 'irreverant thought'

Young Master Yoda and his Padawan youngling, Mace Windu, walked down the crowded streets of Coruscant.

"So, young Windu, this mission of ours is to..."

"Meet the Senator and discuss dumb politics, I got it the first time around."

"Learn respect you must, be all lightsaber-happy idiots we cannot be, also, new haircut you need."

Windu sighed and quickly decided that he would shave his head at the first chance.

The two Jedi quickly entered a large bulding where they went to the top floor where Diplomatic relations were located, and also, their Twi-Lek senator Lara-Kee.

The two Jedi soon find the Senator, and Mace Windu is love struck.

Master Yoda bowed and said,"Master Yoda I am, my apprentice is this, young Windu..."

Windu's face was frozen in an expression of complete surprise," Umm...hi, you're hot."

The Senator was dumbstruck and Yoda frowned," Young Windu, revise the Code you must, check on security you will."

Windu sighed angrily and left the room. Yoda quickly leaned on a nearby chair and took out a comb, with which he combed his hair in a strange style.

He winked at the Senator and his voice completely changed.

"What's new, Babe?"

you very much
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