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I also got the "invalid data" thing with the movies, even though the others all worked, including the optional music one. Am also re-downloading. I'll let you know how it goes.

Man, this looks so cool . . . I accidentally came across the [WIP] thread just a few days ago. It was really something to randomly hit it right before it came out. I'M SO EXCITED! I've watched the teaser and full trailer a billion times already. (I tend to do that. I watched one of the trailers for The Two Towers for two hours straight one night. Then forty-five minutes straight the next night. I don't get sick of things I love. And I never get enough of them.)

Really, this looks epic.


Re-downloading also worked for me! ^_________________________^

Really, I wonder why this problem keeps occurring, for different people too . . . If it were a corrupted file, why should it work the second time?

Oh well.

Nobody's going to hear from *me* for the next few hours . . .

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