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Originally Posted by Doomie View Post
I live in a country that has legalized gay marriage a few years back. Straight marriages haven't somehow devaluated, no one has come to indoctrinate me, no one has called for polygamous or pedophilic marriages and God hasn't smitten us yet. Why would this be any different in America?
Thanks for that example.

Originally Posted by Doomie
Also, if there is supposedly no difference between marriage and domestic partnerships, why does an artificial distinction need to be made between the two? Either call them both marriage, or neither.
That's just the thing, Doomie. There are quite a few differences between marriage and domestic partnerships depending on the state. Some US states don't even recognize domestic partnerships yet whereas others basically equate them to marriage. The federal government recognizes marriage as only between a man and a woman, and as such a whole slew of federal rights and privileges cannot be attained by gay couples.

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