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Originally Posted by Laserschwert View Post
The contrasts look good, although I think a bit too dark now. Black paint on canvas isn't entirely black, and I've added some texture that now got lost in your dark areas. Tell me how it looks when printed!

By the way, I assume that most poster-services print in RGB (because they print digitally). PosterXXL says so in the FAQ (at least on the German page)
Huh? You can't "print in RGB"... it's technically impossible. Weird. Even digital printing is done in CMYK. RGB is an "additive" process because our monitors are backlit. Meaning you can get many colours that it's impossible to print without using special inks (such as Pantones), but also that R0 G0 B0 equals BLACK. As paper is white (or whatever) by default, CMYK is a "subtractive" process, meaning C0 Y0 M0 B0 equals WHITE (or the colour of the paper stock). It's just simply not possible to print in RGB.

If, as a designer, you sent some RGB artwork off to a professional printers, you'd get into serious trouble with your boss... It's a very amateur mistake.

How weird...

Edit: The FAQ (or at least the English FAQ) makes no mention of RGB or CMYK, but it does say, rather worryingly:

What resolution do you print at?
We print your poster at high resolution. You can achieve optimum quality for your image if it has 100 dpi at the selected format size (such as 60 x 45 cm).

What resolution must my image have?
The higher the resolution, the better the image quality. However, file size also increases at higher resolution. Using the special posterXXL optimization of the files, we even achieve good quality in large format prints made from images taken with a 2 megapixel camera. Please remember, however, that the quality of a poster is determined by the resolution, and we do not accept responsibility for complaints caused by insufficient resolution.
Which makes me think my money would have been better spent elsewhere... doh!

LS, I'll let you know what they're like when they arrive...

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