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I would like to recommend K_Kinnison for the 10yr vet, 1) bunch of CLOSE to 10yr vet's have gotten the badge, and he hasnt, his reg date is nov '99
2) (poss 'Helpful!' badge) he does well on estimating the approx number (and/or the # of post per person) in the 1yr thread over at XWA


1 more thing
I'd like to recommend 'Deac' for the 'Fan fiction' badge for creating what would be the 15 + 6 original RPG threads in XWA and RSRP forums, known as the 'Cantina Scenario'

The Fan-fiction badge is for winning a fanfic competition. The 10 year badge will get awarded in November.
Please include a link or two of what you mean for helpful--I can't figure out what you're talking about there. --Jae

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