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Aresen Ambassadors-at-Large, ESSMBLE!!

It is with our Emperor Zoom Rabbit that of which you were chosen for this position!

As 'Acting' Aresen Minister of War, in Niner's absense ( that is until he signs back on... :P), that it is my duty to inform you that our Prime Minister had declared war on the Ahto Off-topic forums! For they too, had declared themselves as an autonomous Empire for themselves!

For which our Prime Minister displayed his dislikes for the fact that he was not included in, so thus he had no choice but to declare war.

It is with that said, it is also my duty to which re-state of what the great Emperor had spoken on the great day of establishing our great Empire!

Originally Posted by Zoom Rabbit
Aresen Ambassadors-at-Large: Several members who frequents a lot of the other LF forums and are familiar with the differing natures and members of each well enough to represent our community to the rest of the Lucasforums galaxy with at least a pretense at dignity. Should also have hard liquor skills. (Redwing, Edlib, STTCT, Nitro.)
And I say with a bit of Hard Liquored mindset, that I too share this Evocation, to send out and disembowel said empire!

The Troops have been mobilized. And I only ask of you Ambassador's to seek out and find a solution with the leaders of the Ahto Empire. And that solution is on the soul purpose of the dismantling of their political, economical structures, and to return to the previous social structure of which this unfortunate turn of events had taken place had occurred.

As I say it: Cry havok! And let's slip the dog's of milky war!


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