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Originally Posted by ASk View Post

The process is simple.

Get the .xsi skeleton from the OJP repository (how to access -


Make your new animations, and export this file as XSI.


Use the .car file in the Modelling SDK released by Ravensoft awhile ago
Run carcass.exe with the following command-line parameters:

-flatten path:\to\
Which .xsi of the repostory? OJP_Anim_template.XSI?

I modifyed the nulls which had the names of the bones for the animation: did I do right??

Can someone help me with this? I don't know what .car it means, I downloaded the SDK and there's no .car inside. Even in that Modelling SDK from Ravern.

What I have to do with this?:
-flatten path:\to\
For example: -flatten models\players\
(Again where's that .car?)

Simple tutorial, yes, but for advanced users

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