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Originally Posted by Lynk Former View Post
You mind doing the hard work for us by going through the thread yourself and picking out all of the candidates with links to their posts and such? XD I mean if it isn't too much to ask lol. I know, 25 pages worth of stuff is pretty huge... HEUG LIKE XBOX!
Originally Posted by igyman View Post
After getting an answer from The stoffe in the badge recommendation thread, I'd like to suggest Ahto's avatar/signature thread for revision as there are a lot of members who've definitely earned the helpful badge for their contributions there. From checking the last five pages, I can name Rev7 and Thanatos9t, but there are 25 more pages and surely many more people who've contributed significantly with their picture editing skills and they shouldn't go unrewarded.
Lynk's right. The staff honestly doesn't have time to go through 25 pages of material to go pick out people, and we'd really prefer not to be accused yet again of favoritism if we give an award to one person but not another. I'm sorry, but we have to stick with the first post, even if it means more work for those of you making the recommendations. We want to give you all badges, but we need your help to make this process easier for everyone.

You have to have a name, a reason, and at least one link for us, and you have to do it for every single person you'd like to see receive the award. One recommendation for one person for one award, please, though you may make multiple recommendations in one post. Thank you for your understanding.

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