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I'm amazed at my own speed.

Anyway, as per Lynk's suggestion and in agreement with Jae I went through the Ahto Avatar/Sig request thread and made a (hit)list of people who've made contributions there and should be eligible for a badge. I probably went a little bit overboard with this, but the list is, as I expected, huge and since some people have made one contribution while others have made more, I provided the links to all the candidates' posts that contain contributions. That way the staff can decide on the exact criteria for a badge. I've also removed Thanatos9t and Rev7 from the list, as they already got their badges, along with myself to hopefully remove any doubts about lack of objectivity. I apologize in advance to anyone I might have left out, if there are such people, please PM me with links to your posts in the thread and I'll add you to the list.

Additional note: There were some posts in which images failed to load, but I checked via "quote & reply" and the links are there.

And now The List:

Show spoiler

Don't add more to the list than what's here currently or it might get missed. Please start a new post for any new names. Thanks. --Jae

Edit: No problem, Jae. So far it seems no additions will be made. Looks like I haven't left anyone out (except myself for obvious reasons. )

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