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Originally Posted by mattig89ch View Post
I saw this great video of mission and Bastilla on taris. Mission is complaining how everyone is calling her too young, then basilla uses the force to trip her. god it was hysterical.
Y'see, and that was one of the things that set off my alarm bells and made me a little afraid of her. Mission starts out asking an honest (albeit sophomoric) question, and Bastila totally flies off the handle, capping it off by doing the very "petty and trivial" thing she said she would never do.

She reacts to a kid's question by losing her temper and then attacking her with the Force? Oh, ten to one, I'm going to be addressing her as "Darth" later in this story. If she can't play nicely with others, I'm probably better off keeping her on the ship.

I kept thinking there would be another banter or something where she would admit her behavior was out of line, but there wasn't. And it wasn't just Mission - Bastila couldn't take a little teasing out of Canderous (and thanks to Athena Prime, my view of that banter's been corroded), was pretty short with Carth, and quite dogmatic with Jolee. Now, I can understand her being brusque with your PC, but the others didn't earn that kind of rudeness.

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