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Originally Posted by ThunderPeel2001 View Post
Unfortunately I don't own a camera, but I did find the time to simulate what I received...

Yup, it's not all that close, is it? Damn lousy printers. I think this is the result of their "special processing" of images that are sent to them. It looks like the type of "enhancement" someone would apply... up the colours and contrast!

I'm sure they're great for your holiday snaps and all that, but not if you know precisely what you want. I should have got them printed at one of the companies we use... doh. Nevermind, I still enjoy them, even if they're not perfect!
Hi ThunderPeel2001!

I must say that I work as a graphic designer too and downloaded your version some time ago and sent out to our digital printers and they came out perfect. They´re hanging in my living room since then.

... so I blame those printers too
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