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I have an irrational hatred for SUVs and vans. Every time one pulls infront of me I get pissed off and change lanes if possible. I also hate red lights, and waiting for pedestrians to cross the road.

I have an irrational hatred for apple products. I ****ing HATE iphones.

Actually hell I'll just make a list:
- World of Warcraft - do not talk about this game near me
- Walmart - I dont care if I can buy stuff cheaper there, i refuse to buy a single thing from walmart.
- Starbucks
- Radio advertisements
- Radio calibre "soft rock"
- People who chew loudly/ with their mouth open (this would appear rational except it pisses me off to the point of blowing up at them)
- Mcdonalds
- Obese people - This one is rather specific and maybe some of you will take offense to it but seriously, if you're THAT fat and youre not doing anything about it, gtfo. and when I say obese I don't mean overweight, I mean close to blimp size.
- People who walk slowly infront of you - I run into these people on purpose
- People speaking loudly to me when the surroundings are quiet.
- Parents who let their kids cry endlessly

I'll update this list with about 10000 other things when I get back from work

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