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I played the Demo. The controls are stiffer than 4, which already had a fairly limited combat system. Without the Wiimote, the shooting is just as clunky as it was in 4, but now with something that I cannot quite put my finger on that is holding it back.

Plus all you are fighting are crazed villagers and a few mutants. Where are the zombies? The T-virus stuff? The anything really to have to do with the original storyline?

While 4 and 5 are fair games by their own merit, they seem to be related to Resident Evil in the same way the new Prince of Persia is related to its formers. In names only.

And, from what I got in the Demo, it isn't horror at all. Its just survive. I mean, you are a huge guy with a huge knife and a load of guns. Like Dead Space... what is there to be afraid of?

The previous Resident Evil games suffered from an... interesting choice of combat, but it felt more claustrophobic and you weren't often a huge guy with an equally huge knife. You were some cops trying to get the hell out of a zombie apocalypse.

The best way I can say it is: Take Left 4 Dead, but then turn your character into Master Chief.
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