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intro and a few questions and totally went off topic

i love j.r.r. tolkien. i love the lord of the rings. i love indiana jones. i like star wars and enjoy the games.

nice guy, you say? wrong (i hope). i also play football and wrestling. live for football, enjoy wrestling. just look at my username. unless its a reasonable argument, i don't like anyone contradicting me. i am ready to return flaming with moderated and mildly virulent comments.

got a couple questions before i get into the community:

how would you compare battlefront I and II to other games? lousy, bad, okay, good, super good? best? basically, how are the graphics, variety, intensity, and epic quality?

second--how do you change your avatar, and are there sigs on this forum? i see the tags, but i dont know if theyre the same thing.

third--are you hostile to newbies? ive seen some hostility before. well good if you are, great if you arent. i'll prove that newbies ain't idiots.

thats it. looking forward to joining.
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