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Originally Posted by knockhimout View Post
i am ready to return flaming with moderated and mildly virulent comments.
I would advise against that

Originally Posted by knockhimout View Post
how would you compare battlefront I and II to other games? lousy, bad, okay, good, super good? best? basically, how are the graphics, variety, intensity, and epic quality?
The engine is a decade old, its got a number of glitches, the AI lacks the I in its name, a lot of the online community is nothing more than 14 year olds who could use a self esteem boost but other than that its pretty fun
Originally Posted by knockhimout View Post
second--how do you change your avatar, and are there sigs on this forum? i see the tags, but i dont know if theyre the same thing.
go to user CP at the top, theres a menu on the left of that screen and one thing is about your avatar, another about your sig
Originally Posted by knockhimout View Post
third--are you hostile to newbies? ive seen some hostility before. well good if you are, great if you arent. i'll prove that newbies ain't idiots.
Only to the idiots, and we're hostile to them until they leave. Which they all do eventually. As long as your not an idiot and avoid idiot actions like bumping old topics, posting in the wrong place, posting useless comments, using poor grammar and spelling or making topics about stuff theres already topics about you'll do fine.

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