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People who think if they blog enough about problems in the world they can fix it.

People like Angelina Jolie.

To a certain extent the ideas most of the people in my English class hold, they're such liberal hippie pu---ies it makes me wanna tear my hair out. Now, I'm a balanced dude and I voted Democrat (like that matters, bleh), but gawd, these people must have their heads up their asses and all they can see is candy and sunshine.
They actually talked about the good sides of banning PB&J sandwiches from public schools because some people have allergies to peanuts. They tangled with the technicalities of enacting a ban like that until my teacher finally reached a moment of common sense and mentioned "people's free will to do what they want".

Idiots on the internet who refuse to type correctly, use actual words, proper punctuation, spelling, sentence structure, paragraphs, etc. Sure, I understand using short hand in instant messaging or text messaging, but on forums? F*CK!

Ditto to jonhill --- "people don't know the difference between their, there and they're."

Err, can't think of anything else at the moment.

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