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Alright I just got Dark Forces for my Ps1 (I played it on my Ps2). My predictions are mostly the same.

1. It's control scheme was what I expected. After buying and eventually selling Quake 2 for my Ps1 (I eventually got it for my 360) I noticed the control scheme was centered around the thumb buttons and not the R and L buttons. I really wish they could have allowed you to map your own controls though.

2. The graphics were fairly similar to the Dos version to my surprise. The overall fuzziness from the Dos version was still there sadly, though it played almost exactly the same

3. Frame rate was possibly the worst part of this game. The frame rate can dip into the single digits from time to time. Especially when you are in the middle of a firefight with 3 or more enemies.

4. Presentation wise. I generally liked it. It was almost a straight port from the Dos version. Plus I liked how it allowed you to save on your memory card and use a password.

5. Audio was really well ported. No choppyness or slowness to it to my surprise. As I know from experience a few Ps1 games that have choppy or low quality sound (*cough*Syphon Filter 1*cough*). Kyle's voice was still rather crisp and clear and the music, while not focused was still very easy to hear

Overall I would rate this port a 8.5 out of ten. Mostly because the framerate was just to annoying and detracted from my like of this port. Overall it was a fun game to play on my Ps2 and I have to admit I have played worse games on the Ps1. I have played better games of course, but I've played worse games

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