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A new tip, this time its all about the blending options.

To illustrate I'll create a sort of floor texture. This could be used
for example in a reskin of an area.

Its just one example, this stuff can be used in various spots of
texture/skin creating. Remember my Sith/ Jedi Quarren, I used this
trick on him aswell

Now onwards !

Blending options: Bevel&Emboss... etc.

First create a new file: mine is 512x512pixels.

I always work "big", you can downsize it when its finished.
Just remember, its easier to put details in your texture/skin
when you have more pixels avaible for it.

Good, now I just go and pick a material picture of the internet, this
time I found a pic of asphalt.

Drag it in and resized with the Transformtool (ctrl+T).

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I still got some white space left, to solve that quickly lets use the Clonetool (C)

To work the clonetool needs a sample, hold down Alt and click somewhere in material.
You're cursor should look like somesort of aimingcross.

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Now just rightclick and set the brush of the clone to something larger.

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Now just paint around, just notice that the sample-cross will follow your brush around.
So when you near the edge of the material, you'll clone that edge to.

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To avoid that and to make it a bit more random, just take a new sample on a differant spot and
continue to paint untill the whole space is filt.

Okay, I want this floor to be tiled, to get this correctly I need to setup some guides/rulers to help me out.
Hit Ctrl+R to make them appear.Make sure they're set to pixels, do that right click on one of the rulers.

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First set these guides: one at 256 ( the middle), one at 246 and 266 ( 10 pixels away from the middle.
Then set the others to the left to just 10 and on the far right to 502.

Just drag them out
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End result.
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