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Next take the select tool
And drag 4 rectangles, to do that hold down Shift, to add selections, holding down Alt you can subtract from selections.

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When its all selected hit delete.

Now find another texture, you want to use.
Found an odd ribbed one, it might from an old garage door thingy...

Resize if you want, I did.

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Hmm, this nex texture is on top. It need to go under my first layer.
So grab that top layer and drag it inbetween Layer01 and background layer.

A fat line should come inbetween those 2. Then let loose.

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Again I got white space all over. I could use the clonetool, but I got these straight lines and the clone is a bit
messy. So copy that texture again, 3 times. Use the Movetool (v) and hold down alt, then drag to make copyies.

Each copy will get a new layer.
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After copy madness:
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I got to much layers now, I'll merge those copyies. So select them, click on the top one, hold down shift and click on the
bottom one. Or another method is just click+Ctrl on each layer.

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