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Alright all you filthy filthy spawns of street hookers that had the misfortune of having a burst contraceptive, it's time I list a few of the things that really piss me off. Now I could probably write an entire book about such things, and half of you would no doubt be mentioned in that book (tyrion, m@rs, and other retarded piles of excrement) So I'll just list off a few of the more major things.

Number 1, yuppie christians. If there was ever a group of people that needed to make special kool aid and off themselves its these people. These are some of the most prejudice *******s in the world. They also happen to enjoy shoving their beliefs in your faith in the name of god. Typically anyone who goes around saying "I'm a christian!" in any form of communication based medium has a 99% chance of being one of these puss ridden boils on society. Now I'm not saying all christians are bad, I know many devote christians who i respect, hell I'm catholic. But if you find yourself offended by this, than you can go screw yourself, youre probably a yuppie.

Small yappy dogs. Very similar to yuppie christians, very annoying and easy to beat the bejesus out of. What makes these abominations of the canine world even more unbearable are the owners who insist on shoving the fugly ass rats in your face and say "GIVE ****HEADDOG KISSES!!"

People who go into great detail about ordering a ****ing cup of coffee. No one cares taht you NEED low fat half calf ****, order a cup of coffee like hte rest of the world and drink it, stop pussifying stuff.

Suburban white folk. Now before you people say "Hey, you're white and live in the suburbs!" Keep in mind I grew up in the south on the very rough poor side of town filled with lots of gang violence, I'm anything but suburban and white. These damn honky sons of bitches go around thinking they are all important and stick their noses up at anyone who isnt white and preppy. And the moment they leave the suburb they automatically think they are now worldly and can thrive anywhere. If they acted the way they did in the neighborhood I grew up in they would have had the crap beaten out of them on a daily basis.

Lastly for this post, if you people couldn't tell, I hate retarded n00bs. The dumber you are around me, the more hatred I feel toward you and the more malicious I will be.

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