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Kalvin smiled, he had no intention upon running he happened to like it here more then back home. At least here he was absolutely aware of his inferiority, instead of being back home knowing his was better then his father, with no way to prove it. And besides he had no intention on leaving Melissa here alone, especially with every thing that is going on.

He stood up slowly looking at the werewolf guard and smiled at him. Kalvin held out his hand to the werewolf saying "You probably already know my name is Kalvin, but I would like to know yours if that's alright"

Kalvin figured he was going to be here a while, possibly fighting what ever threat attacked they're little community along side them it wouldn't hurt to get to know some of the inhabitants by name.


Trace didn't wait for Kalvin, he started to walk towards where he believed the leader and Melissa would most likely be. After a while how ever he realized he was lost and had no clue where he was. Out of the corner of his eye he noticed a werewolf walking around and decided to ask for some sort of directions. He tried to pull of Kalvin's I'm a completely dumb human routine by rubbing the back of his head and laughing a little at himself.

"Uhh...excuse me. The leader of your pact wanted to see me, and well I really don't know where he is. So if it wouldn't be so much trouble maybe you could help me" he hoped that it worked, he didn't like the idea of wondering around here for hours trying to find a place he didn't know how to find.

Trace swore he heard the wolf chuckle a little, almost sounding female. The werewolf nodded saying "follow me".

To Trace's surprise it was female. He started to mentally kick himself in the butt for not realizing the whole you need a female for mating. To some extent the werewolves weren't to much different then some humans. They all had they're own personality and views on things. Maybe perhaps he could learn some more about them, if they learned more about him.

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