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"Ahh Trace isnt it? Welcome to the Gardens . . ." A few moments later Kalvin materialized only a few feet away, having been teleported by the more-than-agitated guard.The Female smiled at the Humans and then made a hasty departure. "Perhaps you can learn of us whilst we learn of you hmm?" Bloodhound realized the mutual advantages of such a agreement. He also suspected that the Humans insatiable curiosity would likely hold them here, much more so than fear. The Alpha made little more noise, awaiting his guests reactions.

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"This one is constantly thinking, analyzing, strategizing. He showed no fear, but was curious, studying me in turn."
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"All thoughts are worth listening to, whether later judged to be of value or not."
"I have no qualms about accepting a useful idea merely because it wasn't my own."
"Butů it was so artistically done."
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