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Kalvin laughed when he realized what the guard had done. He made a note to himself to try and talk to the guard again. The guard may kill him for being a continuous pest but he was willing to take the chance, something was interesting about the guard. Then he realized where he was, he was with Trace who was escorted by one of the werewolves, Melissa and the pact leader.

"Sorry..." he mumbled.

He listened to what Bloodhound had to say "Perhaps you can learn of us whilst we learn of you hmm?"

Kalvin thought about it for a while and nodded "I like the idea. I could learn a few fighting techniques maybe."


"Perhaps you can learn of us whilst we learn of you hmm?"

Trace thought that was interesting, he swore he could of thought of something similar to that line. He shrugged it off it didn't really matter who came up with the idea first, just as long as learning from one another remained a possibility.

He looked over and Melissa seeing her approval of the situation, Trace nodded and said "What ever information I can offer I will."

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