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"Perhaps you can learn of us whilst we learn of you hmm?"

Melissa stood there, standing quiet and smiling sadly. Although she missed her family in the Human world, the young woman wanted the Werewolves to learn about the Humans, that way they wouldn't bother them again.

She nodded slowly, keeping her mouth closed. When Trace and Kalvin also agreed, she smiled. Melissa sighed quietly. Then she stepped up to Bloodhound. "I'm sorry if we did anything wrong, Alpha. It's just that..." She looked behind her at the forest. "My family... everyone I know..."

Tears formed in her eyes, but they didn't drop. Then she looked up at Bloodhound again. "You may think Humans don't care about life. Yes, some are careless. But there are others who love the Earth so much, they can't stand to see it fall. Everyday, people risk their lives to keep their world in balance. There are even some people who appreciate God's creation. I should know. I'm one of the few. And so are my friends."

Melissa felt a slight strength rise up in her, telling even the most feared Werewolf this.
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