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Kalvin saw Melissa starting to pursue Bloodhound, quickly Kalvin stepped in the way placing his hands upon her shoulders. He wasn't sure what he was about to say, but he knew she wanted to at least see her family again, him on the other hand could care less. A verbally abusive father, and a mother that just doesn't care, made him glad he was living in the dorms at school. Part of him still wanted to impress his father, to at least be noticed for a moment that he wasn't such a screw up a failure.

Kalvin quickly shoot his head "Melissa, I'll go after the Alpha, it be better if you and Trace talked to the rest of our kind, they'd understand you two better, then they'd understand me with him. Besides i'm a mindless fight machine."

He started to run backwards away from her smiling "Great! I'm glad you understand"

Kalvin turned around and ran out of sight searching for Bloodhound "I just can't let her get hurt. I couldn't live with myself if anything happened to her..." He said to himself as he ran away.

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