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Back at the station...

"What is this?" Asked Police Chief Joe Richardson.

Harding and his superior were in a private office, also with one other man, who was oddly cloaked in darkness.

"That's my question sir. I have no idea. What do you have in mind to handle these creatures."

Richardson sighed,"Well, they don't seem to be harmed, but they must being held against their will, and we have to get 'em out. But I don't know what these 'wolves' are."

The man cloaked in black that was sitting in the corner, stood.

"I may know. I am a hunter of what some may call the supernatural."

Harding coughed in disbelief,"Right, who are you? Van Helsing or something?"

Richardson took a sip from his coffe.

"No, Harding, this guy is known only as 'Velmer.' He really does hunt the supernatural. He came over as soon as he heard about this situation."

Hardin put his hands on his hips and sighed,"So, what are we going to do. How many men will we have? Will we have SWAT?"

Velmer spoke,"No, I have my own men to handle the job..."

"...more like a private army..." Richardson muttered to himself.

Velmer continued,"My plan is to extract the humans...and exterminate these....werewolves."

Richardson coughed his coffee,"Wha? Werewolves? You've got to be kidding me."

"Anything is possible, Chief Richardson. I will gladly do this mission...with your man Harding's help."

Harding sighed again, Here we go again....

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