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"What are we gonna do, Trace? What if the Alpha doesn't listen? You know how he is. Why can't everyone understand that war isn't the answer?"

Trace listened to Melissa, not really certain of what to say. He sighed, wondering if Kalvin would ever tell her how he felt. He wasn't counting on it, even if Kalvin was quick to act he wasn't one for change. Then he remembered his cell phone he kept in his pocket. He pulled it out and started to dial the local police stations number. With any luck some one would pick up.

"Don't worry Melissa I've got a plan, lets hope the police station isn't on his hourly doughnut run." he said to her trying to give her a reassuring smile.

The phone rang, Trace tapped his foot on the hard stone floor hoping that the urgency he felt for some one to pick up would reach the station and some one would answer.

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