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Baldur stood from a great distance, and watched as the hut burned down. Looking ahead into the distance at the near-by plateu, he saw a figure standing and unleashing the wrath of an ancient craft: magi.

Baldur smiled. "Hmph... Bloodhound, leader of the Lycan clan. I wouldn't be suprised, having witnessed his skills!"

All the commotion came to a halt. The distraction had worked at least... He glided through the village and entered the cave that was wihtout a doubt the residential complex of the werewolves.

He followed the path of the tunnels and stood. He waited, and heard it: a howl coming from the same werewolf. But this howl seemed... pained. "He'll be transforming soon..."

He continued onward and pulled out his gunsword. "Hopefully I'll be in time to rescue the humans, if they havent been yet converted."
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